Sorry for the delay

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Sorry for the delay

Post  Arithmetic on Sun Nov 18, 2012 5:10 pm

Sorry guys I've been awful busy with college and all but server is now back up and running. Enjoy!
(Go to the Downloads section and get the new client!)

A couple updates.

  1. Couple new sounds to weapons
  2. Rebirth System (Puppet had previously asked me to do this)

A little explanation on how the Rebirth system works.
1. This feature is accessible from
2. Just login to your account and when you click User, it should appear on the bottom of the page.
3. After successfully completing Rebirth, the char you choose will be reset to level 1 and you will have retained 5 Aspire coins.

Note: You must be level 99 in order to use the Rebirth system.
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