Quest Combinations

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Quest Combinations

Post  Arithmetic on Fri May 06, 2011 6:42 pm

This is for those who do not know the combination for questing.

Goblin King - Crimson Necklace + Goblin Skull
Skeleton King - Scriders book volume 1 + devil's dictionary
Scriders quest - Scriders book vol 1+2
Kobolt king - 3rd to last gift + axe of goblin king
Kobolt - 4th Doll x2
Skeleton - High Class gift box
Skeleton king v2 - Scriders book vol 2 + 2nd gift
Skeleton V1 - High Class gift box + raw meat
Skeleton V2 - Same as V1 with seasoned meat
Skeleton V3 - Same as V1 with Steak'
Skeleton V4 - Skeleton(3rd) Skull x2
Palmpoa - 2nd ring + 5th doll
Palmpoa V2 - 3rd ring x2
Palmpow King - Raw meat + last ring
Kobolt V1 - 2nd doll x2
Kobolt V2 - Skeleton(1st) doll x2
Death - Blessed Cross + Cursed Cross
Death of Me - Scrider Volume 1 + 2
Zombie King - Pickaxe
Shark King - Silver Ring
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